Progressive Wage Contoh For The Landscape Sector

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Landscape companies must meet the Progressive Wage Model wage and pembinaan requirements for landscape maintenance employees who are Singapore citizens or permanent residents.

What is it

The Progressive Wage Model (PWM) for landscape maintenance employees was developed by the Tripartite Cluster for Landscape Industry (TCL).

The PWM is a registration condition for NParks’ Landscape Company Register (LCR).

Since 30 June 2016, landscape companies must meet the PWM requirements to obtain or renew their LCR status.Who it covers

The PWM requirements cover all Singapore citizens and permanent residents employed in outsourced landscape maintenance jobs by landscape companies on the LCR.

Employers are encouraged to adopt the PWM’s principles for their foreign and in-house landscape maintenance employees, upgrade their skills and implement productivity-based wage progression pathways.Wage requirements

The landscape maintenance sub-sector PWM is a 4-level career progression model. It features:Specific training requirements that tap on the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications for Landscape (Landscape WSQ). This ensures that landscape maintenance employees are equipped with the skills needed to carry out their job functions.Progressive wages set at each level. This ensures that landscape maintenance employees are paid wages that are commensurate with their skills and productivity.

The TCL reviewed the PWM wages in August 2021. The wage requirements recommended in the TCL report will take effect from 1 July 2023.Job levelMonthly basic salary (2021)ResponsibilitiesLandscape supervisor≥ $2,350Deployment of workforceSupervision of workforceEnsure work schedules are completed on timeInspection of siteEnsure paling aman Jasa Landscape di Medan regulations are implemented and complied with

Certifications required for Assistant Landscape Supervisor+ 4 modules in WSQ Advanced Certificate in Landscape SupervisionAssistant landscape supervisor≥ $1,950Maintenance dutiesAssist in deployment of workforceAssist in manpower supervisionReporting and updating completed workAssist in ensuring safety regulations are complied with

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Certifications required for landscape technician+ 1 module in WSQ Advanced Certificate in Landscape SupervisionLandscape technician≥ $1,7505 basic general dutiesWateringWeedingBasic pruningSoil aerationClearing of horticultural wasteFertiliser and pesticide treatmentOperate motorised equipment and machineryObserve safety regulations

Certifications required for landscape worker+ 4 modules in WSQ Advanced Certificate in Landscape OperationsLandscape worker≥ $1,550lima basic general dutiesWateringWeedingBasic pruningSoil aerationClearing of horticultural wasteObserve safety regulations

3 modules from WSQ Certificate in Landscape OperationsTo be completed within 3 months from entering the landscape industry.New applicantBasic wage levelCurrent – 20222023 – 2028Job levelJuly 2021July 2022Landscape worker≥ $1,550≥ $1,650Landscape technician≥ $1,750≥ $1,850Assistant landscape supervisor≥ $1,950≥ $dua,050Landscape supervisor≥ $dua,350≥ $dua,450Job levelJuly2023July2024July2025July2026July2027July2028Landscape worker≥ $1,750≥ $1,850≥ $1,950≥ $2,095≥ $2,240≥ $dua,385Landscape technician≥ $2,010≥ $dua,170≥ $dua,330≥ $2,490≥ $2,650≥ $dua,810Assistantlandscape supervisor /Landscape Specialist≥ $dua,215≥ $2,380≥ $2,545≥ $dua,685≥ $2,825≥ Jasa Landscape di Medan $dua,965Landscapesupervisor /SeniorLandscapeSpecialist≥ $2,600≥ $2,750≥ $dua,900≥ $3,060≥ $3,220≥ tiga,380

A PWM Bonus of at least dua weeks of basic monthly wages will be payable to eligible employees in a given year from 2020.Training requirements

Your landscape company should help its Singapore citizens and PR landscape maintenance employees meet the pembinaan requirements recommended by the TCL.

As an employer, you will benefit from your landscape maintenance employees’ increased productivity and ability to provide higher quality landscape maintenance services to buyers.

Find out more about the landscape PWM’s pembinaan requirements or get assistance for pembinaan costs.Find out more

For more information:TCL August 2021 report and recommendationsTCL January 2021 report and recommendationsTCL 2018 report and recommendationsTCL 2016 report and recommendationsPWM as a condition for registration under LCR


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